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Cercatori d'Arte is mostly a laid-back and relax pack, not boasting many strict laws or overbearing culture. However, there are some values that are somewhat prevalent in d'Arte, and that shape the pack into what it is.

Creation & Hard Work

As the very value that Cercatori d'Arte was based on when it was first formed, creation is very important to the artisan pack. Making new things and spending time creating - whether it be creating material objects or creating art - is incredibly important to the pack. Hard work is also valued greatly, and laziness is generally looked down upon.

Trade & Good Relations

The canines of d'Arte are encouraged to maintain charisma and a smile - trade as well as good relations with other packs are highly encouraged, not only for the items and livestock that d'Arte gains, but for potential allies as well.

For this reason, members are not required to be within the pack lands as much as other packs, and can travel as much as they want to spread the d'Arte name and maintain relations. This can attract those of gypsy, vagabond, or roamer origins, as they can continue to roam while still under the protection of a pack. Please note, however, that extremely extended stay outside the pack (more than two weeks) must be okay-ed by the leader before done.


Valued over almost all other virtues in d'Arte is loyalty to the pack and its well-being. Characters with questionable moral values are still welcome within d'Arte if they pledge to never harm the pack, either directly by harming a member or indirectly by stirring up trouble. Loyalty within Cercatori d'Arte is not integrity - members are not expected to be honorable or full of dignity and a strong moral code, only that they do not harm the pack (and sometimes, tricky tactics and swindling ways are encouraged if they are used to benefit d'Arte).

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