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The Joining Form

How to Join

If you're joining Cercatori d'Arte ICly, you must fill out the joiner form and create a thread inside the Cercatori d'Arte forum with your character approaching the pack lands. Then, you'll have a short joining thread with the leader or another member of the pack. After you get accepted into the pack, you can continue this thread as well as make threads with others in the pack.

Joining Behavior

Cercatori d'Arte is a very relaxed, laid-back pack - however, some things are not tolerated in joining the pack! Here are some examples of things that will get your character rejected from the pack:

  • Extreme Rudeness - If your character is rude or otherwise very disrespectful, they will be rejected from the pack! A small off-handed comment from them may not get them expelled, but if your character is making generally rude remarks, they will not be considered very seriously - and if your character makes any sort of threat towards the greeter, they will automatically be rejected!
  • Violence - If your character shows violence or otherwise threatens or hurts the members of Cercatori d'Arte, they will be rejected.
  • Trespassing - It's extremely discouraged that your character trespass before being accepted! If your character wanders into pack territory, they may get chased out, so please make your character wait on the borders rather than trespass!
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