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Cercatori d'Arte ranks are based on particular skills that the character has. When you join, you choose a rank category - they are described lower in the page - and by posting more and becoming an older member of the pack, you can advance in the ranks more, have co-ranks, earn titles, and other fun things!

Upgrading & Maintaining Ranks

Upgrading and maintaining ranks are a mixture of postcounts and IC behavior.

  • Poor: 1 - 4 posts/month
  • Average: 5 - 8 posts/month
  • Good: 9 - 15 posts/month
  • Excellent: 16+ posts/month


These ranks are the highest of all the ranks in the pack. In order to be part of these ranks, you must first be a Council member.


The leader of the pack. This is the highest ranking member of the pack, and they make most of the decisions, usually after conversing with the other leadership ranks of the pack. The holder of this rank guards the pack, exiles or dismisses bad members, decide on neutrality and alliances with other packs, and so on. This is the member that will normally call for a pack meeting.


This is the subleader of the pack, and is second to only the Leader. When making the decisions, the Leader will converse about the decision with the subleader. The subleader guards and patrols the pack's borders, and generally acts as a second leader to the pack.


These ranks are highest in rank besides the leaders. All members that are in the Council hold equal positions in terms of power. In order to get these ranks, you must be very active ICly as well as OOCly; the Council ranks are not taken lightly! Those in the council rank are expected to post a lot and have excellent IC behavior; they are also allowed to accept IC joiners!

Overseer (Heart)

These members' first duties are to see what's going on within the pack and ensure that the members are each doing their part. They will organize pack projects as well as pack hunts, making sure that the pack is satisfied from the inside. When hard times are upon the pack, the Overseer will work hard to ensure that the pack has enough food and production to keep everything going well.

Diplomat (Mind)

The holders of this rank will actively go out and seek friendships, trades, and good relationships with other packs. They make sure that Cercatori d'Arte has a good reputation by visiting other packs, finding out pack news, and generally getting information about the packs. They should check up on members and make sure that there is enough trade going on, as well as organize trades / expeditions.

Commander (Strength)

The holder of this rank is firm and assertive. Their job is to protect the pack - from the inside and out. If there is trouble brewing inside the pack, or any sort of drama, they should find out more and report to the leaders, finding a solution. They should find out if any one member poses a threat, or if there's an outside threat, such as a hostile pack or even loner.

Skilled Ranks


The Heart ranks are comprised of canines who value art and spirituality. These ranks are mostly made up of artists, such as writers, singers, dancers, and painters, who value creativity and creation over other aspects of life. Members of this rank start out as Inspired and advance to Enlightened.


The members of the Mind ranks are intelligent and social, and tend to gravitate towards scholarly or diplomatic pursuits. Canines in these ranks are usually traders, scholars, spies, or specialists who contain a lot of knowledge. Members of this rank start out as Informed and advance to Educated.


The Strength ranks are members who are able-bodied and focused, willing to hunt, do labor, or fight for the pack. The Strength ranks usually attract warriors, hunters, shepherds, builders, and others who are unafraid of hard work. Members of this rank start out as Motivated and advance to Dedicated.


These canines are not yet specialized, but still play an important part in the pack.


The artisans work for the pack in their particular skillset, whether it be hunting, fighting, creating, art, or anything else, as well as help out with more general labor.


The proletarian is a lower ranked worker than the artisan. They work for the pack in their particular skillset, whether it be hunting, fighting, creating, art, or anything else, as well as help out with more general labor.

Learning Ranks


The Apprentice rank is for canines who are novices in their specialty, and who are still learning their trade. They do basic work for the pack as well as dabble in their skill.


Those in the Basic rank are new recruits, or those who otherwise do basic work for the pack, rather than advancing and specializing in any one thing.

Other Ranks


The Guarded rank is reserved for pups and elders, who are unable to protect the pack, and are protected by the pack instead. Pups remain in this rank until they are 6 months of age; elders reach this rank when they become 10 years of age.


These members are the lowest of the low within d'Arte. Their first and foremost duty is to show their loyalties to the pack and prove that they deserve a higher rank. These members must do whatever the other members of the pack say.

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