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Co-Ranks are very important parts of Cercatori d'Arte; they outline several different jobs within the pack that may need doing and are important to the pack! Unlike some other packs, an infinite number of characters can hold a co-rank, and a character can hold an unlimited amount of co-ranks as well.

Co-Ranks are sorted into the rank tiers - Heart, Mind, and Strength. However, any canine from any rank tier can choose whichever Co-Rank they desire.

Claiming a Co-Rank

  • Create two different finished threads in which your character is using the skill needed for their potential co-rank.
  • Post the links to the threads in the Cercatori d'Arte Maintenance Thread.
  • Then you'll have your co-rank!

Heart Co-Ranks

  • Creates beauty by painting, writing, and partaking in other visual arts.
  • Collaborates with the Merchant to trade arts, and the Image-Keeper to paint the borders.
  • Ensures the Border Tree is in good health, and touches up on paint and carvings on/around it.
  • Paints the trees around the border as well as hangs up colorful flowers, etc.
  • Creates mediums for art, as well as prepares the canvases for painting.
  • Works with the healer and the gardener to use plants to make dyes, paints, and colored powder.
  • Makes small and sometimes larger sculptures out of wood in and around the pack.
  • Works with the Image-Keeper to carve the Border Tree, and the Merchant to trade the wooden carvings.
  • Repair broken or torn clothing, such as shirts, scarves, and pants.
  • Works with the canvaser to produce thread, and uses it to create new clothes.
  • Lightens the pack's spirits by way of singing, dancing, putting on plays, and otherwise performing for the pack.
  • Collaborates with the Merchant and Diplomat to put on performances in other packs.
  • Tends to the Garden and keeps track of the plants and herbs growing within it.
  • Works with the Healer and the Canvaser to produce plants that can be made into dye, or can be used for medicine.
  • Keeps track of goings-on in the pack and records it.
  • Works with the Artist to illustrate d'Arte's history books, and the Diplomat to record pack relations.
  • Stores dried and salted meats, and is in charge of ensuring that the food stores do not run low.
  • Cooks and prepares meat and other dishes for the pack to eat.

Mind Co-Ranks

  • Patrols the borders and keeps an eye out for any suspicious activity or scents.
  • Works with the Trapper to ensure that the pitfall taps, barbed wire fencing, and caltrops are in working condition.
  • Works with members of other packs to improve d'Arte's relations, and negotiate friendships and alliances.
  • Confers closely with the leadership to give an idea of the pack's position with others, and organizes trading projects with the Merchant.
  • Maintains d'Arte's inventory, and keeps track of all trades going on in and around the pack.
  • Trades with members of other packs and loners to gain new items. Also occasionally travels to the Outpost to trade off larger quantities of goods.
  • Keeps track of the geographical locations of the packs, as well as any packs that move or expand their borders.
  • Draws maps of the locations of the packs, as well as of other landmarks in the area.
  • Takes care of sick or injured canines in d'Arte and nurses them back to health, and acts as a nursemaid to help females give birth.
  • Works with the Gardener and the Merchant to get medicinal plants and herbs.
  • Creates mixtures, elixirs, and poisons using herbs and plants from the Garden.
  • Works closely with the Healer and Gardener to identify and correctly use different plants.
  • Takes care of 1-4 month old puppies when their parents are gone, feeding them and ensuring their safety.
  • Helps the Healer act as a nursemaid when females in the pack are giving birth.
  • Watches over 4-8 month old puppies and helps teach them the basics of fighting, hunting, and shifting.
  • Helps teach older puppies the locations of the traps in d'Arte, as well as the rest of the territory.
  • Researches via books left by humanity to help other canines of various skills learn how to do certain tasks.
  • Works with the Inventor to duplicate simple objects made by humanity.
  • Creates new, very simple 'technologies' to aid the pack by way of convenience.
  • Works with the Researcher to read science books and understand more about the world, as well as create new things.
  • Creates new traps, such as pitfall traps and tripwire traps, around the borders to deter trespassers.
  • Works with the Scout and Image-Keeper to create new ways of keeping trespassers and criminals out of the pack.

Strength Co-Ranks

  • Protects the pack by defending it from the inside out. Is adept at fighting, and defends the pack in case of intruders and criminals.
  • Works with the Scout and Trapper to patrol and defend the borders.
  • Is adept at using one or more weapons, and can fight well with them. Uses these skills to defend the pack.
  • Maintains the weapons stores and ensures that supplies aren't running low.
  • Is adept at fighting without weapons, and in his or her feral forms. Uses these skills to defend the pack.
  • Teaches others of the pack how to disarm opponents, and helps teach unarmed combat.
  • Tracks migrating herds, and leads the pack in pack hunts.
  • Works with the Chef to store the meat, and the Dragoon and Craftsman to use the rest of the carcass for trading or weapons.
  • Is adept at fishing and capturing prey from the oceans and lakes around d'Arte.
  • May work with the Craftsman to construct fishing poles and fish traps.
  • Fixes structures and buildings in the pack when they begin to deteriorate, and sometimes builds new ones.
  • Works with the Sailor to help maintain the ship.
  • Is skilled at breaking wild animals and integrating them into the pack's livestock.
  • Works with the Trader to gain new animals, and the Shepherd to trade some away.
  • Cares for and tends to the pack's livestock and horses. Works with the Wrangler to train young or unbroken horses.
  • Collects product from the animals, such as eggs from chickens, wool from sheep, and milk from cows and goats.
  • Is skilled at sailing the ship, and accompanies parties who sail it to other lands and packs.
  • Works with the Carpenter to repair the ship when it's broken, and helps make improvements upon it.
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