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This page provides some information about CdA's leadership, including contact information, preferred contact methods, and which characters they play in Cercatori d'Arte. Feel free to contact us about any questions regarding d'Arte, and we'd be happy to help! :)


Primary Character:
Skye Collins
Send PM:
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AIM / Skype:
sunnybunny7698 / Cubasera

Hi! :) I'm Sunny, and I'm one of Cercatori d'Arte's founders, as well as its main leader. I also play the only IC leader in Cercatori d'Arte, Skye Collins. I prefer that people contact me through PM on 'Souls, but an AIM message is perfectly fine too! :) If you ever have any questions, concerns, or (yay!) suggestions about Cercatori d'Arte, don't be afraid to contact me!


Primary Character:
Esmeralda Collins
Send PM:
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Hi, I'm Nine! Please feel free to PM or IM me with any questions, concerns or ideas for Cercatori d'Arte. I am generally more available via PM currently, but if you catch me on IM that method works too. I'm always happy to help in whatever way I can! So don't hesitate at all to contact me. :)

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