The Trader's Guild

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Hidden within Cercatori d'Arte is the Trader's Guild. Its name is innocuous and unlikely to bring suspicion - however, on the inside, the darkest of d'Arte dwell. Those with little moral reservation, those who are willing to spy and cheat and steal to further themselves and the pack, are the ones who you will find in the Guild.

The Trader's Guild is for characters who have dark hidden talents - sabotage, spying, assassination - and can utilize them for the good of the pack. Every so often, some special thread prompts will go out to those in the Trader's Guild detailing missions that certain members of the Guild will be able to complete.

Each of the positions in the Guild are different - not are all equal! Some members of the Guild will not be able to complete certain missions, however, and some positions have far less prompts than others! In addition, some positions, such as the Spy, allow multiple canines to hold, whereas others only require one.

IC Rules

  1. The Trader's Guild's main aspect is its secrecy. Members of the pack may not speak of it to others outside the pack - doing so will result in heavy punishment.
  2. Pack members outside the Guild only know:
    • The Guild should remain secret from outsiders
    • It has darker purposes than it seems

OOC Rules

  1. If you'd like to make a plot regarding the Guild (letting another know about it, etc) please PM leadership first! Thank you.
  2. Before having your character glean a bit of important knowledge from a pack, make sure it's okay with that pack's leader!

How to Join

Although the Guild is completely secret to the outside world, those within the pack know of its name and that it has darker underlyings, but nothing more. In order for your character within CdA to join the Guild, he or she must:

  • Be in the Worker rank tier or higher
  • Be bound to no strict moral code other than loyalty to d'Arte
  • Have been a part of the pack for at least 5 months

After these requirements have been met, your character must:

  • Have a thread asking the Guildmaster about joining the Guild, in which the Guildmaster will first attempt to warn the character away, and then tell them more about the Guild
  • Have a thread with the rest of the Guild (non-mandatory thread for the Guild, mandatory for the new member), swearing an oath of secrecy and loyalty to the pack above all


The Guildmaster (1)

This is the one who oversees the Guild, holds the meetings, and gives out the secret missions to the members of the guild. This position is usually held by the leader of the pack, but not always, and may take on some duties of the other sectors.


This sector of the Guild is in charge of intelligence of the surrounding packs. Scandals, secrets, lies - the Intelligence sector is expected to know, even if the information is never used.

Analyst (1)

The Analyst must have a cunning mind, no strict moral code, and a cold outlook. He or she must be able to take in all the facts of a situation and determine which is the best course of action along with the Guildmaster.

Infiltrator (2)

Although less commonly utilized, the Infiltrator's position is a valuable one. The infiltrator must have an innocent appearance, but be willing to endure scrutiny and pressure. He or she will be entrusted with infiltrating, or pretending to join, a pack in order to get information. Then, this information is reported to the Analyst and Guildmaster.

Spy (3)

Unlike the infiltrator, the Spy does not need to actually join another pack - only be stealthy enough to be around it. The one taking this position must gather information from snippets of conversations, and must occasionally be willing to use force to get what is needed. The information is shared with the Analyst and Guildmaster.


The canines in this sector use quick wit and manipulation to get what is needed; from blackmail to scamming to outright stealing, this sector's members must be skilled in the art of deception.

Con-Artist (3)

The Con-Arist must be subtle and charismatic in order to rip innocent bystanders off, giving them worthless (or almost worthless) items in exchange for valuable ones.

Bandit (3)

More blatant than the Con-Artist, the Bandit must be ready to outright steal from his or her victims. A small, quick body and a knack for disguising one's scent is most useful for this position.

Saboteur (2)

The only one of the Subterfuge sector to work closely with the Intelligence, the holder of this position must use information (sometimes dirty secrets) in order to blackmail or subtly manipulate people to the pack's needs.


While the Intelligence and Subterfuge sectors favor lean, thin canines that are quick and agile, the Force sector finds bulky and strong canines more useful for its violent needs.

Bounty Hunter (1)

This position works with Intelligence to find out who certain packs are looking to find - whether for punishment purposes, or otherwise - and brings that canine to the pack - or kills him or her - under the guise of good will from Cercatori d'Arte.

Assassin (1)

This is the least used position in the Guild, but one of the most valuable. Any canine that causes d'Arte trouble is subject to the wrath of the Assassin's stealth and simple methods of killing (usually poison or a stab in the back while asleep).

Bodyguard (2)

While the rest of the positions focus on outside the pack, this canine focuses on the Guild itself. The Bodyguard's duty is to remind those that leave the Guild of their secret oath - and to punish those who do not uphold it.

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