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These are items that are free to use from Cercatori d'Arte's communal stock. They range from tools to transportation devices. Hover your mouse over each item for more information. You may use tools and other small items at any time; however, in order to use transportation devices, please ask a leader first.

The Ship

The Ship was built by various members of the pack, and completed within a few months. It is located near Flander's Field, holds about 40 Luperci and stock, is pulled by oars and the wind, and goes an average of 10 MPH. Please ask before using.

The Caravan

The Caravan was also built by various members of the pack, and is kept near the Stables. It is pulled by two horses and can hold many Luperci and stock, and goes at about 7 MPH. Ask before using.

Various Items

Various tools and items can be found in d'Arte's inventory, including:

  • Weapons, including daggers, knives, bows, arrows, spears, and staffs.
  • Raw materials, such as leather, lumber, pelts, bones, and beeswax.
  • Fine tools, such as pencils and paint brushes.
  • Crude tools, such as poorly made hammers and axes.
  • Crafted goods, such as garlic paper, gauze, candles, bags, jewelry, plates, and musical instruments.
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