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The Border Tree

This tree is the first marking of Cercatori d'Arte, and in the center and the front of the territory, so that all may see it when they approach the pack. The largest and most impressive tree around, and right in front of the borders, it's decorated by the various members of the pack with paints, carvings, drawings, and large, curling and curving letters saying "Cercatori d'Arte" on it - sometimes, other letters are added to it by other members that come and go, and sometimes small charms and other items are added to its branches, bark, or even the base on which many rocks with different paintings on them lie. The branches reach tall towards the sky, and the base is extremely wide, allowing plenty of space for new writings and drawings. In a sense, the tree is always changing, symbolizing the pack and its difference from others.

The Forest Oasis

A quaint spot to sit and relax next to a pool of cold water. The water is not very deep itself, but it is nice and cool and it does hold small fish that are eye catching. It's good for bathing or works as a summer cooling spot as it is fed by an underground stream that tends to stay pretty cold even on the hottest of days. It's located deep within the forest with no path to it yet, although it's not hard to find if you're wandering throughout the forest or leaving Thornbury.

The Hunting Lodge

This structure has certainly seen better days, though it has withstood the test of time and is still sturdy. The large cabin made of logs once served as a hunting lodge, as is evidenced by the animal heads and pelts that adorn the rooms, but has long since been abandoned. There are multiple rooms in the three story building. There is the basement where the prey animals were cleaned and stored, the main floor with the large, open living room as well as a kitchen and dining area, along with a bathroom, and the second floor, where the bedrooms can be found.

The Flower Fields

If you go far enough through the forest to the westernmost side of the pack, you'll begin to find flowers sprouting through the thick trees that line the area. If you go even further, the trees will thin out more and more until you reach an enormous and flat field full of flowers. The flowers are beautiful and come in all sorts of variety and colors, and stretch out for almost as far as the eye can see. It's one of the most beautiful and colorful places in the entirety of Cercatori d'Arte.

Treetop Terrace

(Created by Bangle/Noelle) "Located in the heart of the forest is a set of particularly tall trees, with worn, wooden structures hanging from the sturdy trunks. Having been built long ago, these bridges still hold together well, though it is advised one watches their step. The hanging platforms rise 60 feet above the ground, and though this seems frightening, the view makes it all worthwhile. The bridges sway as one walks onto them, and nothing is underfoot except a narrow piece of wood. At the end of each bridge is another connection, and a ladder to climb or descend from the treetops. The most spectacular view, however, comes from climbing to the tallest tree, onto a small, wooden terrace. It is no wonder, then, how Treetop Terrace receives its name. The view from this location is more than picturesque, as one is able to see most of Cercatori d'Arte from here. "

Paradise Pier

(Created by Orin/Nuki) "A remarkable place called Paradise Pier is nestled up against the beach of the Bay of Fundy and lies between the Hunting Lodge and Thornbury. It juts out into the bay and supports a curious little place. As you enter the pier an old iron archway welcomes you to the Paradise Pier Carnival. Several once-colorful buildings and skeletal rides still litter the pier, forever advertising sweet cotton candy and hot dogs, and reminding you to visit the fun house of mirrors. Time has taken its toll on the old carnival over the water, but the concrete supports of the pier have remained in tact. The Carnival is in dire need of a good cleaning and a splash of paint, but it will not be long until the spirit of Cercatori D'Arte discovers this old amusement park and breathes life back into the pier."

Luminescent Lagoon

(Created by Ouija/Sylvey) "This place is hidden under the light of day but at night it becomes much easier to see. The algae in the water causes the place to glow with a blue light. It is this light that shows the narrow path that leads from the coast and into the dense trees to find the hidden lagoon. While it isn't much to look at during the day it is a spectacular sight at night. The trees serve to hide this little paradise from all those who don't know where to find the path. And to add to the romanticism that this place has there is a grotto at one end of the lagoon, the cave encased place also being lit by the microscopic beings."

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