Sunny (Skye Collins)
Nine (Esmeralda Collins)
October 27, 2010
Pale Yellow (FFFB99)
Tyrian Purple (6B0041)
Welcome Archetypes
Gypsies, merchants, vagabonds, performers, con-artists, thieves, hippies
Unwelcome Archetypes
Traitors, troublemakers, moochers

Welcome to Cercatori d'Arte!

Welcome to Cercatori d'Arte, a pack for artists, loyal souls, and even those with a slightly darker tinge. D'Arte has a wide and colorful range of characters, and if you want to join too, we'd love to have you!

Quick Facts


Along the Northwestern coast of 'Souls, Cercatori D'Arte lays claim to a portion of Ethereal Eclipse characterized by a stretch of coastline and a shallow, lush valley which provides ample hunting grounds and acres of old-growth forest, untouched even before the demise of humanity.


Cercatori d'Arte's ranks are split into five tiers - Traditional Art, Pack Relations, Craftsmen, Livestock & Organizers, and Guardians. Members choose their rank tier upon joining, and move up from a novice, to a worker, to a master. Cercatori d'Arte is slightly more relaxed than other packs in terms of dominance and submission, but proper respect is expected to be paid to higher ranks.

Social Structure

Cercatori d'Arte is mostly a laid back pack with focuses on good relations with other packs and creating new things. Pressure is not placed on members, either ICly or OOCly (a low postcount is acceptable; your character will simply not move up in the ranks!) ICly, only one major rule dictates d'Arte, and that is based on loyalty - members may do anything they wish as long as it does not harm the pack in any way; traitors and mutineers will not be tolerated.

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